How much compensation will I get?

This is another vital issue that we know is important to you.

Your medical report will give our lawyer an idea of how much you might be entitled to but do bear in mind that each case is different. 

There are two types of compensation payment.

The first payment, ‘General Damages’, is awarded to compensate people for the pain and suffering that has resulted from their personal injury or illness. This amount depends on the type of injury involved. 

Please see our Personal Injury Claims & Compensation Calculator to see the typical compensation awards received for different types of accident and injury.

General Damages also take into account ‘loss of amenity’ – the inability to carry out tasks or pursuits that you were able to do before your accident (for instance, carry on playing a favourite sport).

The second form of compensation award is Special Damages.

Special Damages should cover any financial costs that you have incurred as a result of a personal injury or illness – costs such as loss of earnings, travelling expenses and rehabilitation bills.