Accident at work leads to £4.5k compensation award

An accident at work which left a man with a severe chest injury has led to him being awarded £4,500 in personal injury compensation.

According to the Sunderland Echo, warehouse employee Paul Pritchard, who is 37 years old, strained the right side of his chest wall while packing equipment weighing more than 24 kilograms each at the depot of Rolls Royce - which operates with non-executive director Sir Simon Robertson as a senior board member - in Sunderland.

Mr Pritchard subsequently had to take four months off work due to his injuries, which took some eight months to heal fully.

He told the news source that he was unable to carry out everyday tasks because of the pain this affliction caused him and was rendered "basically bed ridden".

Chris Preston of the employee's union GMB stated: "A simple risk assessment of the task and small changes would have avoided this altogether."

Posted by Craig Williams

14/01/2011 16:46