Britons urged to take care to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

People across the UK have been urged to take extra precautions against the possibility of contracting the potentially lethal condition of carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to research conducted by CO-Gas Safety - an independent organisation which was set up in January 1995 following support from both the House of Commons and the European Parliament - around 600 Britons have passed away in "unnecessary tragedies" involving the substance over the last 15 years.

Meanwhile, the gas has also caused health issues for almost 4,000 other people, which may have led to personal injury compensation settlements being awarded.

Stephanie Trotter, president of CO-Gas Safety, commented: "Being a deadly gas which cannot be sensed by smell, taste, touch or hearing, it is vital that people are aware of the dangers and know the steps to take to reduce their risk of being affected."

The data collated by the body will now be presented to the House of Commons.

Posted by Helen Jones

25/01/2011 16:48