Council moves to reduce road traffic accidents in Camarthenshire

The number of road traffic accidents occurring and causing personal injury compensation claims in one area of the UK may be reduced following a new official council ruling.

According to the BBC, councillors in Camarthenshire have spoken out in support of plans to prevent vehicles from crossing lanes of oncoming traffic in a four-mile long part of the A48 road, which connects Camarthen with the M4, as it has a "higher than average accident rate".

The news source noted that five fatalities have been caused there in the last five years and the measures - which will now be subject to an inquiry by the Welsh Assembly government before being ratified - have also been backed by the police, fire and ambulance services.

It is thought that this new traffic order will improve safety on the stretch of highway, as junctions allowing the crossing of the central reservation will be blocked off.

Posted by Craig Williams

31/01/2011 16:50