Family awarded compensation for death due to superbug

A family has been compensated with a five-figure damages settlement after a woman died from a hospital superbug while being treated for a broken bone.

Rosemary Congdon, who was 56 years old, passed away from the effects of Clostridium difficile - a condition caused when naturally-occurring bacteria react with antibiotics to cause symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting - while undergoing medical attention for a fracture to her leg at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Mrs Congdon was initially admitted to the institution - which is run by the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust - on a short-term basis when she injured her leg, but was re-admitted three weeks later after collapsing due to the illness.

It has been ruled that the woman contracted the disease while in the care of the hospital, which has led to a five-figure sum being awarded to her widower and family, as well as an apology from the medical organisation.

Posted by Craig Williams

25/01/2011 16:42