Family may seek damages after pensioner dies of asbestos-related disease

The family of an elderly man who died of an asbestos-related illness after he was exposed to the substance at work may decide to seek a settlement for personal injury compensation.

According to the Bristol Evening Post, Richard Horwood, who was 74 years old when he passed away in July 2010, came into contact with the potentially lethal material during his two-year stint as a fitter for Gloucestershire Railway and Wagon Works - which finished its last complete construction in 1963 - between 1959 and 1961.

Mr Horwood died at a care home in Weston-super-Mare due to a cancerous tumour in his lungs, the news source continued, which led to a coroner attributing his passing to a work-related disease.

Prior to his death, the pensioner stated in an industrial injury claim that he was "never made aware of the dangers of working near asbestos".

Posted by Craig Williams

13/01/2011 16:26