100+ Claim for Food Poisoning on Holiday in Turkey

Family seeking food poisoning compensation

Food poisoning contracted while on holiday in Turkey has resulted in a family launching a claim for personal injury compensation from a tour operator.

Anne Barber, along with her daughter and elderly father, suffered from the illness, which can involve symptoms such as diarrhoea, sickness and stomach cramps; on their two-week holiday in the resort of Dalaman in Turkey: the Basingstoke Gazette reports.

They are now suing First Choice Holidays for food poisoning on holiday after paying more than £2,000 for the luxury break, along with in excess of 100 other holidaymakers also seeking compensation from the tour operator for similar food poisoning-related problems.

Mrs Barber, who is 46 years old, told the news source, "I got extremely ill and ended up going to the doctors. I took a sample and they said it was Salmonella and gave me antibiotics."

Meanwhile, her 79-year-old father was ill for five days during the holiday, she added.