Medical negligence leads to compensation award

Medical negligence which caused a woman to endure the loss of a limb has resulted in her being awarded an undisclosed five-figure personal injury compensation settlement.

Michelle Richards, who is 43 years old and suffers from spina bifida, had her right leg amputated from the knee up after clinical experts at the Glan Clwyd hospital in North Wales - which is located in the town of Rhyl and is managed by the North Wales NHS Trust - wrongly diagnosed her with a bone infection.

Mrs Richards had already had her limb amputated from the knee down in a previous operation some 16 years ago, but has no been left with no right leg following the blunder, as no evidence of the potentially life-threatening osteomyeltitis was found in analysis after the procedure.

The woman commented that she had been informed that the only way to treat the illness was to undergo the amputation and described herself as "devastated".

Posted by Helen Jones

19/01/2011 16:27