Men to seek broken bones and whiplash compensation?

A man diagnosed with whiplash after being involved in a car crash might consider personal injury compensation.

The Sheffield Star explains two individuals were injured in the collision, which occurred on January 9th in Wombwell when a motorist lost control of his car before crashing into a lamppost.

Both were travelling in a silver Nissan Micra, with the 25-year-old driver still being treated at the nearby Barnsley Hospital.

He fractured both legs and it is likely his broken bones are being dealt with at the hospital.

His 23-year-old passenger was not kept in the infirmary, despite suffering from minor whiplash as a result of the incident.

Either of the males may now be seeking personal injury compensation following the crash, which occurred in the early hours of the morning on a left-hand bend in Wombwell.

The town sits between Barnsley and Rotherham and is known for its links with mining in the past.

Posted by Craig Williams

12/01/2011 08:07