Road traffic accident caused by pothole could result in compensation awards

Three females may decide to pursue a case for a personal injury compensation settlement for injuries they sustained during a road traffic accident.

Helen Lane and 15-year-old daughter Georgia struck a pothole on the B1253 road as they returned to their home in Driffield along with family friend Catherine Farnan following a day trip to Scarborough, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

As a result of the impact, the four-wheel drive vehicle being driven by Mrs Farnan was flipped onto its roof, with the motorist subsequently suffering a head injury while Mrs Lane sustained cuts and bruises as well as whiplash.

Meanwhile, Georgia broke her collarbone due to the impact of the accident, the news source continued.

Therefore, Mrs Lane has challenged East Riding Council - which is led by Stephen Parnaby - to place repairing such road hazards as potholes on top of its agenda.

"It was such a dangerous situation and I'd be surprised if we were the only ones this has happened to," she remarked.

Posted by Patrick White

27/01/2011 16:47