Road traffic accident to lead to whiplash claim?

A woman who sustained whiplash during a road traffic accident over the weekend could decide to seek a personal injury compensation settlement for her ordeal.

According to the East Anglian Daily Times, the female, who is 63 years old, was involved in a collision in the town of Ipswich on the morning of last Saturday (January 22nd 2011) and required medical attention at a local hospital afterwards.

The woman was taken to nearby Ipswich Hospital - an institution which is managed by the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, an organisation that provides healthcare services to around 500,000 people - by ambulance.

The news source added that her whiplash - which can affect muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck, shoulders and back - was not thought to be serious, despite the fact she has a pre-existing spinal condition.

However, she may opt to pursue a damages claim after the cause of the accident is established.

Posted by Patrick White

24/01/2011 16:19