Slipping and tripping accident claims to increase in Sutton?

Instances of personal injury claims being made on the basis of slipping and tripping could be about to increase in one area of the UK, it has been suggested.

According to Your Local Guardian, a new £3.2 million redevelopment of High Street in the Surrey urban area of Sutton has caused two such accidents in recent times due to the fact that a raised stage has been added to the Trinity Square region in the town centre.

The news source noted that a cycling accident involving a man occurred due to the new feature on Tuesday (January 25th 2011), while an elderly woman last week (January 21st 2011) required hospital treatment after tripping over it.

As a result of these incidents, the local council is now conducting an investigation into the health and safety issues surrounding the stage and could opt to remove it in order to avoid a potential spate of damages claims in the near future.

Posted by Helen Jones

27/01/2011 16:46