Stable hand awarded £10k injury damages

A man has been awarded personal injury compensation of £10,000 after he suffered a head injury and other health issues during an accident at work.

Johnathan Frazer, a stable hand, worked in the yard of horse trainer Tim Easterby - who has won races at prestigious events such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup - in Yorkshire and was injured while riding a horse he had previously told his manager he was concerned about his inability to control, the Gazette Herald reports.

Mr Frazer consequently sustained a shoulder complaint, as well as concussion and cuts to his face when the animal ran into a tree after effusing his instruction to turn in May 2008.

The man stated that he was told to ride the horse the day after he had spoken to his boss about not being able to control it.

He informed the news source that he required operations following the incident.

Posted by Craig Williams

19/01/2011 16:26