Stress at work 'affecting many teachers in Scotland'

Stress at work is affecting many teachers across Scotland, it has been revealed.

Under several freedom of information requests from the Liberal Democrats - a party which is currently led by Nick Clegg and is in coalition government with the Conservative party - at least 1,400 teachers in the country were absent from work due to stress in 2010.

This comes after a report by the Health and Safety Executive revealed last year that teaching is the most stressful occupation across the whole of the UK and Margaret Smith, Liberal Democrat education spokeswoman, noted that six per cent of all people in this profession took time off because of the strains of their job.

As a result, the Scottish Liberal Democrats - led by Tavish Scott - are calling on the government to do more to support teachers, as Ms Smith stated that this will both make classrooms a "happier and more productive place" as well as saving money for councils in the long run.

Posted by Cheryl Bennett

17/01/2011 16:52