Traffic light switch off to result in more road accident claims?

An increased number of personal injury compensation claims may be filed following road traffic accidents should a local council turn off a set of traffic lights, an official has suggested.

Richard Udall - a Labour and co-operative county councillor who represents the area of St John's within the town - claimed permanently removing the lights at the Bullring roundabout in Worcester could result in a rise in the number of crashes occurring at the junction, which is one of the county's busiest, according to the Worcester News.

This measure is reportedly being considered by administrators in the region as a trial after it received positive feedback from drivers regarding journey times when they were switched off temporarily in 2010.

However, councillor Udall noted that this caused a spike of 33 per cent in terms of road incidents, meaning that a similar increase would be likely if the plan was implemented on a full-time basis.

Posted by Craig Williams

17/01/2011 16:49