Warrington more likely to see road traffic accident claims?

Personal injury compensation claims for health problems sustained due to road traffic accidents may be higher in one area of the UK than others, new figures have suggested.

According to the Warrington Guardian, statistics published by the North West Public Health Observatory found that the town of Warrington and the north-west region as a whole witnessed a higher rate of such collisions than elsewhere in Britain between 2004 and 2008.

During this timeframe, the town, which is situated in Cheshire between nearby cities Manchester and Liverpool, saw a rate of 564 people per 100,000 injured in a road traffic accident, a figure higher than the national average of 469 per 100,000.

Meanwhile, of those people, some 109 died because of the injuries they suffered.

David Boyer, assistant director for transport, engineering and climate change at the local council, told the news source that the authority is looking into schemes which would help reduce this statistic.

Posted by Helen Jones

31/01/2011 08:52