Woman could pursue whiplash compensation following road traffic accident

A woman who sustained whiplash during a road traffic accident could be eligible for a personal injury damages settlement for her ordeal.

The female driver was hit from behind by a vehicle being driven by Robert Sime as she stopped at a junction during a journey along Riddell Avenue in the small Nottinghamshire village of Langold in June of last year, the Worksop Guardian reports.

During a case at Worksop Magistrates Court, it was revealed that Mr Sime struck the female's car with such force that "the driver's chair broke and was stuck in the reclining position" as well as causing her whiplash, a disorder which affects muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck, back and shoulder.

Mr Sime admitted driving without due care and attention, meaning that the woman may be able to secure a payment for compensation for her ordeal and injuries should she decide to take civil action.

Posted by Helen Jones

13/01/2011 16:29