Work accident caused man's toes to be amputated

Foot injury to lead to compensation claim 2239

An accident at work that resulted in a man needing two of his toes amputated, may lead to him claiming compensation for his injuries.

Peter Ednie was working at premises owned by agricultural firm R Todd & Company in Fife in 2009, when his right foot became trapped inside a grain reception pit, after he was instructed to empty the container of rain water with a bucket.

Mr Ednie's injuries occurred when his foot got tangled up in part of the screw auger inside the pit that was unsheathed, and the machine had not been powered down before to the 26-year-old man entering the pit.

He was rushed to hospital where he had two of his toes amputated.

An investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that the machinery was then accidentally switched on and came into contact with the employee.

Harry Bottesch, inspector at the HSE, said the accident would never have occurred had R Todd & Company "carried out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment".

Posted by Francesca Witney