Pensioner's family seeking medical negligence compensation

According to the BBC, 83-year-old Joyce Hardingham was hurt at Wythenshawe Hospital - an institution managed by the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Trust - when she vi…


Hand injury to lead to damages pursuit?

The unnamed 21-year-old suffered these injuries when his hand came into contact with an industrial saw at premises owned by the Adelaide Engineering Company in the Greater Manches…


Teenager could pursue damages for burns and scarring

According to the Scarborough Evening News, the 17-year-old sustained serious burns to three of her fingers after coming into contact with a commercial rotary iron at the Downcliff…


Haulier to seek compensation after accident?

Leslaw Chorazak sustained serious crush injuries to his body, arm and collarbone when a lorry reversed and trapped him against a wall at premises owned by KBC Logistics in Essex i…


Research: 47% workers feel more stressed than last year

According to a study conducted by Canada Life Group Insurance, nearly half of all workers across the UK - 47 per cent - now feel under greater mental pressure in their jobs than t…

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