Flexibility 'helps ease stress at work'

Managers could go about tackling the growing issue of stress at work by implementing a greater number of flexible working initiatives within their company.



That is if the findings of new research by gender equality campaign Opportunity Now are anything to go by, as this shows that almost half - 43 per cent - of all professionals think this practice reduces mental anxiety, the Grapevine reports.


In such difficult economic times, an increasing number of people are struggling with the effects of stress within their job as they feel under pressure due to issues such as pay freezes and potential redundancies.


However, this study found that flexible working is a popular method among staff members to combat such a problem and Alison Platt, chair of Opportunity Now, observed this opinion is held across both sexes.


This comes after research conducted at Lund University in Sweden established that walking to the office can be an effective remedy fro stress at work.


Posted by Francesca Witney ADNFCR-1500-ID-800791447-ADNFCR

09/11/2011 16:52