Office worker suffers head injury in freak accident

Head injury could lead to compensation claim 2287

A female office worker suffered head, arm and shoulder injuries in a freak accident at work.

Kathleen Philipson was at work sitting at her desk last year when a roll of roofing material fell through the ceiling and landed on her.

The roofing material was approximately a metre long and weighed 37 kgs. It crashed through a roof light and hit the woman causing her head, shoulder and arm injuries that forced her to take two weeks off work.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that two contractors working on the roof had not installed proper protection before starting work; meaning the roll was able to plunge downwards.

Lee Greatorex of the HSE, which monitors health and safety practices in workplaces across the country, observed that Ms Philipson was "extremely lucky" not to have suffered more serious head injuries in this "easily preventable" accident.

By Francesca Witney