Injured Woman Claims Cycling Accident Compensation

Woman seeks cycling accident compensation 2274

Compensation is being claimed by a woman after she sustained a leg injury during a cycling accident.

According to the Lancashire Evening Post, Kath Percival claims she crashed into a car after her bike had been serviced improperly at a local branch of Halfords, a retailer with 466 stores across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, in February of this year.

The 49-year-old woman is claiming compensation on the grounds that she suffered pain in her leg for a several months after the accident, which she believes happened due to faults in the gear mechanism that had not been spotted by Halfords workers.

Ms Percival explained that even though she is an experienced cyclist, the accident also affected her confidence.

She has recruited expert legal help from Paul Macbeth of Russell Jones & Walker (now part of Slater & Gordon Lawyers) to help with her compensation claim, and he said "It's only down to good fortune that her cycling accident wasn't a lot worse.”