Journalist receives burns compensation

Burns and scarring sustained during a botched cosmetic procedure has led to a journalist winning a five-figure sum of personal injury compensation.

Charlotte Cripps was left with red marks on her skin after undergoing Intense Pulsed Light treatment - therapy designed to smooth the complexion - for the purposes of an article for her employer the Independent three years ago.

Speaking to the Inside Out London programme on the BBC, Ms Cripps explained that when the professional at the London spa ran the machine over the bare skin on her face and chest, she was immediately in "excruciating pain".

"My chest was covered in red burn marks that look a little like when you brand an animal. I couldn't put a duvet over me or anything because it was just so raw and painful," she noted.

Ms Cripps subsequently took legal action against the spa and has now received compensation.

This comes after the Yorkshire Post reported that Chris Heleine has been granted damages after a new pair of trainers caused chemical burns to his feet.

Posted by Emily Swanson ADNFCR-1500-ID-801231347-ADNFCR

06/12/2011 16:51