£5k medical negligence settlements branded 'insufficient' by MP

Several women may decide to seek additional medical negligence compensation settlements after being awarded £5,000 each following malpractice which resulted in their breast cancer not being detected.

Some 14 females who had the potentially fatal disease were wrongly diagnosed by a medical professional operating at the Accrington Victoria Hospital, four of whom have now received damages sums of £5,000 each.

However, it has emerged that they could seek more money for their ordeal than has originally been awarded to them by the NHS Litigation Authority - an independent body which is chaired by Professor Dame Joan Higgins and sets such settlements - after the sums were described as an "insult" by one of the women.

Letitia Newhouse, who is 53 years old, went on to say that the fact that their condition had been misdiagnosed was a "disgrace".

In addition, local MP Nigel Evans stated that the awards were clearly "deficient" when the amount of suffering the women had endured was taken into account.

Posted by Craig Williams

03/02/2011 16:50