Burns and scarring compensation awarded to disabled woman

Personal injury compensation has been awarded to a disabled woman on the grounds of burns and scarring she sustained at her nursing home.

Jeanette De Bono, who is now 28 years old, suffered burns to around 40 per cent of her body after she was lowered into a scalding bath by members of staff at the Wellcare Nursing Home in Eight Ash Green, a village situated a short distance away from the town of Colchester.

The woman - who has Rett Syndrome and subsequently could not talk - was bathed in water that was in excess of 50 degrees centigrade as care workers mistook her reaction as an epileptic fit.

This accident has left Miss De Bono with "virtually no mobility at all", meaning that she has now been awarded an undisclosed amount of damages for her ordeal after legal action was launched against the care home by her mother Joyce.

By Craig Williams

07/02/2011 16:55