Cable jointer to seek burns and scarring compensation?

An employee who sustained severe burns and scarring during an accident at work could seek personal injury compensation for his ordeal.

High voltage cable jointer Stephen Martin Edwards, who is 52 years old, sustained his injuries after being electrocuted when working with equipment using 11,000 volts of power.

It has been found that the employee was given false information by the company he was working for - Powersystems UK, which was established in 1977 - regarding this machinery, as he was told to open the wrong connection box that was still live on the basis that it had been isolated and earthed.

Therefore, Mr Martin Edwards may opt to pursue damages for his ordeal from the organisation as it has accepted responsibility by admitting its negligence in this instance.

As a result of the accident at work, he was seriously burned on several areas of his body and has since been unable to return to his job.

Posted by Helen Jones

01/02/2011 16:54