Demolition employees could launch asbestos damages claim

Employees operating for a company in one area of the UK may be eligible for personal injury compensation after they were exposed to the potentially lethal substance asbestos while completing a task.

Berry Estates Development - a construction firm located in the Kent town of Maidstone - has been found to have taken inadequate precautions to prevent its workers from coming into contact with the material during the demolition of an old church in Snodland.

It has been established that the company had not carried out proper risk assessments prior to carrying out the job and had not completed an asbestos survey, meaning that employees working there may potentially have been put at risk of contracting illnesses such as mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Therefore, the organisation could face legal action for endangering these workers, as they were not provided with the necessary protective equipment - such as masks and faceguards - to protect themselves from the substance.

Posted by Helen Jones

10/02/2011 16:52