Elderly man to seek compensation from Boots?

An elderly man may opt to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation from a major retailer after he fell in one of its stores and consequently suffered a gash to his leg.

Martin Habberley, who is 76 years old, slipped through an unguarded trap door at a branch of Boots - a retailer with more than 3,000 stores across the country - in the Powys town of Welshpool last summer.

As a result of this accident in a public place, the pensioner required medical attention at a local hospital and because the company has now admitted liability for the incident - and has been fined for breaching health and safety regulations - Mr Habberley could seek damages for his ordeal.

It was revealed that the door was open because the electricity meter at the store was being read and an untrained staff member had left their post guarding the hazard when the customer fell.

Posted by Craig Williams

25/02/2011 16:46