Expert: Stress at work is a growing issue

Stress at work is a growing problem among employees across the UK that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, an expert has said.



According to Stephen Overell, associate director of policy at the Work Foundation, it is important that employers and members of staff work alongside policymakers in order to tackle this burgeoning issue among the country's workforce.


He explained that the worldwide economic downturn had made the problem - which was already troubling for many employees and could lead to claims for personal compensation - even larger in Britain.


Mr Overell noted that "work intensity and stress were a particularly big problem in the UK workforce as a whole prior to the recession" and added that there is now evidence to suggest that "things have got a bit worse in that respect".


This comes after a survey conducted recently by Business Environment found that 31 per cent of office workers feel under pressure to cut short their lunch breaks due to factors such as staff shortages.


Posted by Craig Williams

04/02/2011 16:11