Family could seek asbestos compensation

A man who worked with asbestos has died from a work-related illness, meaning that his family may pursue compensation.

John Williams, from Wollescote, near Dudley, was tasked with removing worn-out asbestos-lined break shoes from cranes at a Black Country firm, and then splitting them in half.

Valerie Williams, widowed as a result of the death of 66-year-old John, told Stourbridge News that "when he worked at John Barnsley Cranes … old brake shoes would be disposed of by breaking them in half and throwing them away."

After he passed a way, coroner Robin Balmain found that the victim had developed a disease that was "almost certainly" linked to asbestos exposure back in 2008.

In past decades, asbestos has been used in industries including building and construction, insulation and shipbuilding and railways.

However, asbestos-related illnesses has seen this item taken away from most of the UK economy, with blue and brown asbestos said to be some of the more dangerous types of the material.

Posted by Craig Williams

16/02/2011 16:55