Family could seek damages following man's death from food poisoning

The family of a man who passed away due to a rare form of food poisoning could decide to seek compensation on his behalf.

An inquest has revealed that Mitchell Carey - whose father-in-law was ex-Arsenal goalkeeper and television presenter Bob Wilson - died after contracting lostridium perfringens type A, a condition that has only ever been recorded seven times in the whole world.

Mr Carey, who had two children and passed away at the age of 43, died due to contamination within a corned beef sandwich, even though it was originally thought his illness had been caused when he stepped on a sea urchin while on holiday in Greece.

However, it has now been established that the cause was the sandwich, which he consumed in August of last year and collapsed 25 minutes after eating.

He was rushed to the nearby Lister Hospital in Stevenage - which is run by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust - but died two days later.

Posted by Helen Jones

07/02/2011 16:53