Family may seek damages after boy sustains head injury

The parents of a young boy who sustained a serious head injury during an accident in a public place could take legal action and pursue a personal injury compensation claim on his behalf.

According to the Newcastle Chronicle, Jacob Walker, who is now seven years of age, suffered a fractured skull after he fell from a spiral staircase at the Lounge Bar - a venue in Newcastle - while his family were having a drink during a shopping trip in the city.

The child slipped through a gap where a panel was missing on the staircase and landed on his head. Medical professionals believe he may face long-term health consequences following the incident, which took place in April 2010.

During a case heard at Newcastle Crown Court, the owners of the bar - Ladhar Leisure, which is based on Tyneside but runs operations across the country - admitted responsibility for the accident, meaning that the boy's family could opt to pursue a claim for damages.

Posted by Helen Jones

15/02/2011 16:54