Father to seek compensation after son sustains injuries

The father of a young boy who sustained serious injuries during an accident in a public place is seeking personal injury compensation on his behalf.

According to the Tewkesbury Admag, Joshua Tenney, who is ten years old, ran into a sharp edge on a broken metal fence while playing with a friend and, as a result, needed stitches to repair gashes to his leg and chest.

His father, Martin, told the news source his son was "lucky to be alive" following the incident, as he required urgent medical attention because the fence nearly punctured his chest.

Mr Tenney stated that he was "shocked" when he saw the injuries and added: "If the fence had been a bit taller it could have hit him in the face."

The father went on to note that the boy will have a "nasty scar" and revealed that he will be seeking damages from Timothy Lea &Griffiths, an estate agent based in Evesham which runs the flats outside which the fence was situated.

Posted by Patrick White

04/02/2011 16:40