Head injury may result in claim for damages

A serious head injury sustained during an accident at work may result in a construction worker pursuing a personal compensation settlement.

Carl Major, a man of 31 years of age from the Nottinghamshire town of Retford, was comatose for a period of two months following the incident, which took place at a retail park in Stockton on Teesside.

Mr Major was working for MacDonald Joinery & Construction and was helping to strip out the interior of a Roseby's store ahead of its refurbishment when he was struck by a lighting pelmet.

As a result of this, the employee fell some three metres to the ground from the step ladder he was using to complete the task and knocked his head on the concrete floor below.

The company has now admitted liability for the incident, meaning that Mr Major, who has not returned to work since, could seek civil legal action for his loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

This comes after an employee in Lincolnshire was hurt after being struck by a falling crate at her place of work.

Posted by Helen Jones

11/02/2011 16:46