Inquest into asbestos death underway

The inquest into the death of a man who was seeking damages after being exposed to asbestos at work has concluded.

Robert Orsler, from Fairford in Gloucestershire, died last year after lodging a claim for compensation from his former employers, the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard reports.

The inquest heard that the 78-year-old fell ill after working in close proximity to asbestos on a daily basis and ruled that he died from the industrial disease this had created.

Pathologist Dr Richard Bryan told the deputy coroner Tom Osborne: "There was evidence of heavy exposure to asbestos with the presence of pleural plaques and high count of fibres in his lungs."

Mr Orsler, who worked as a moulder and a foreman with a manufacturing firm, died of pneumonia related to lung cancer on March 17th last year.

According to estimates from the Health and Safety Executives, more than 2,200 lung cancer deaths in 2008 were related to asbestos.

Posted by Craig Williams

22/02/2011 16:42