McDonald's awards customer injury compensation

McDonald's has awarded a customer a personal injury compensation settlement of £1,100 after he sustained a dental problem while eating at one of its restaurants.

According to the Cambridge News, Kevin Smith broke one of his teeth during a meal at a branch owned by the fast food company - which helps around 80,000 people in the UK in terms of employment and training - in Cambridge.

Mr Smith's injury was caused after he bit down on a piece of metal lodged in his burger, which resulted in him requiring professional dental treatment and he subsequently took legal action against the organisation.

The news source added that McDonald's has indicated that a full investigation into the incident had now been conducted, which had since been successfully resolved with Mr Smith.

However, the customer insisted that the injuries he sustained during the accident mean that he will never dine in one of the company's restaurants again.

Posted by Craig Williams

08/02/2011 16:43