Parents of young boy could seek compensation from Marks & Spencer

The parents of a young boy who sustained a serious facial injury at a branch of a well-known clothing retailer in Wales may decide to seek personal compensation on his behalf.

Adam Ballard, who is four years old, required treatment at Swansea's Morriston Hospital following an incident last Saturday (February 12th 2011) at a store owned by Marks & Spencer - a company which has more than 600 shops across the UK and employs in excess of 75,000 people worldwide - in the Welsh city.

The youngster needed both internal and external stitches on his chin after a large wall mirror fell on top of him after he touched it.

He was released from hospital the following day and is now recuperating at home and Tina Ballard, Adam's mother, said that that she was "hysterical" at the time of the incident.

"I screamed for someone to take Ryan off me and to call an ambulance," she added.

Posted by Helen Jones

14/02/2011 16:41