Pensioner awarded £70k asbestos compensation

A retired man has been awarded a personal injury compensation settlement of £70,000 after his former employer exposed him to the possibility of contracting an asbestos-related disease.

According to the Swindon Advertiser, William White, who is 72 years old, has received this sum after being "continuously exposed" to the substance - which can lead to illnesses such as mesothelioma - throughout his career working for Plessey, an engineering company established in 1917, at the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate.

Mr White joined the company in 1972 and during his role as a repairman at the depot, he had to "saw asbestos sheets and drill into them", his legal advisor told the news source.

"The company also had large boilers lagged with asbestos where Mr White had to work and eat his lunch," the expert added.

Due to his exposure to the substance, Mr White now has breathing issues, meaning that it was decided he was entitled to £70,000 in damages.

Posted by Helen Jones

24/02/2011 16:34