Prison guard gets compensation for stress at work

Stress at work leads to compensation settlement for prison guard

Stress at work has led to a former prison officer being awarded a compensation settlement.

Steven Heaven, a man of 44 years of age, was originally diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in June 2007 after he became ill following a period where he had to supervise therapy sessions with sex offenders at Grendon Prison; an institution located in Buckinghamshire that keeps more than 200 inmates.

Mr Heaven stated that the discussions, which took place five days a week, caused him a great deal of "distress and trauma" and eventually caused him to be signed off work for stress.

The prison officer had worked at Grendon Prison since 1999 and commented, "It was awful having to hear the prisoners' descriptions."

"I suffered from depression and had panic attacks, once I had one while holding my sister's baby," he added, before noting that he hopes his case will give others with similar experiences the confidence to seek damages also.

Posted by Craig Williams