Stress at work set to affect more public sector employees, expert says

Stress at work could become a big factor for many public sector employees in the near future, an expert has suggested.

According to Stephen Overell, associate director at the Work Foundation, the prospect of the ongoing spending cuts being implemented by the government is already taking its toll on the morale and general wellbeing of workers in this arena.

As a result, he stated that stress at work could become a pertinent issue among such employees once the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's measures are fully operational.

He explained that there are "big worries about job security", which are now being "exacerbated by the threatened cuts that are coming".

"The upshot of that is that people are experiencing that their work is a bit of a strain and that their hours are going up, as well," Mr Overell added.

This comes after research by KPMG and the Confederation of British Industry stated recently that redundancies will rise steeply in the coming months.

Posted by Craig Williams

16/02/2011 16:00