Teenager awarded damages after suffering burns at work

news image A teenager has been awarded damages after he suffered serious burns in a workplace accident.

Michael Hood, 18, was working for O'Keefe Construction in Sundridge when the incident occurred in October 2009.

He had been spray-painting a lighting tower and was using paint thinners when he accidentally spilt some on his trousers.

As the employee walked past a gas burner, his clothing caught fire and he sustained burns to his arms, legs and hands which required him to spend 16 days in intensive care.

The victim took legal action against O'Keefe Construction and at Sevenoaks Magistrates' Court this week, it was ordered to pay an undisclosed sum in compensation to Mr Hood.

An investigation found that the spraying shed Mr Hood was using had a number of health and safety failings.

According to official figures from the Health and Safety Executive, 233,00 reportable injuries to workers occurred in 2009-10, while 152 people were killed doing their jobs.

Posted by Helen Jones

18/02/2011 17:14