Woman opts to sue council for broken bones

A woman is seeking personal injury compensation from a local authority after suffering two broken bones during an accident in a public place in January of this year.

Dorothy Bradbury, who is 61 years old, tripped in the middle of a road after losing her footing on a piece of the surface and subsequently fractured both of her ankles, the Sentinel reports.

Therefore, Mrs Bradbury is pursuing a claim for damages from Stoke-on-Trent City Council - led by councillor Mohammed Pervez - due to the fact that she is now housebound and in constant pain.

"I fell into a sort of crater where the road had sunk," she explained.

Mrs Bradbury added that she believes she is entitled to compensation for her ordeal and went on to say: "I think the state of the roads in the city is disgusting."

Meanwhile, her husband Clive stated that the road is a "disgrace" and urgently needs repair work.

Posted by Helen Jones

25/02/2011 16:47