Worker may seek compensation for damaged hand

An accident at work which left a man's hand permanently disfigured could result in him seeking personal injury compensation after his employer admitted liability for the incident.

Raakesh Patel of Harrow severed two fingers off his right hand after using unsafe equipment at the Ixxy's Bagels factory when a moving blade made contact with the limb as he tried to clear a dough blockage in a machine at the company's plant in London.

As a result of this accident, Mr Patel lost his ring and middle fingers in their entirety and it has since been found that his employer was aware of the fact that the equipment was not working properly.

However, despite knowing the potential dangers, Ixxy's did not prevent the 26-year-old from using the equipment, meaning that he may opt to sue them for their negligence.

This comes after a 23-year-old employee in London needed to have his leg amputated following an accident that occurred at his place of work.

Posted by Helen Jones

03/02/2011 16:53