Worker to pursue broken bones damages claim?

Broken bones sustained during an accident at work could lead to a man seeking personal injury compensation.

Zubair Hussain, a man of 29 years of age, suffered multiple fractures to his right arm and hand area when his limb was pulled into the moving part of machinery at a factory in Lichfield which supplies prepared salads.

Mr Hussain was cleaning a conveyor at the time of the incident, which had been recently installed and was inadequately guarded at the Florette depot in the Staffordshire town.

As a result of the accident, the employee had to stay in hospital for nearly three weeks and has required two separate operations in order to repair the damage caused. Medical professionals believe that he may need further surgical procedures in the future.

Therefore, Mr Hussain may decide to pursue a claim for damages for his pain and suffering from Soleco, the parent company of Florette.

Posted by Craig Williams

10/02/2011 16:51