Accident at work results in injury compensation for oil rig employee

An accident at work which could mean an offshore worker finds it difficult to obtain employment in the future has resulted in a personal injury compensation settlement.

According to the Edinburgh Evening News, Martin Brand sustained a severe hand injury during an incident while operating on an oil base managed by Transocean - which is established as the world's largest offshore drilling contractor and has in excess of 18,000 employees - in the North Sea.

This accident left the 27-year-old requiring partial amputations of two fingers after his right hand was crushed while he was on duty, the news source added.

Mr Brand, who lives in Edinburgh, launched legal action immediately after the incident in May 2006 and was handed a temporary payment of £40,000 for his ordeal last year when Transocean admitted its negligence and accepted responsibility for his injuries.

Now, the professional has been awarded an additional lump sum that also recognises his potential future loss of earnings.

Posted by Craig Williams

30/03/2011 15:50