Company to face burns and scarring damages claim?

A personal injury compensation claim may be forthcoming against a property maintenance company from an employee on the grounds of burns and scarring.

Neil Kelly, a man of 52 years of age, could not work for more than two months following an accident at work in which a substance with a high content of sulphuric acid came into contact with his body.

Mr Kelly was using a highly-concentrated sink unblocker while working at a residential property and was not provided with suitable clothing, supervision or training to use the material safely.

As a result, the liquid burned through his paper overalls and onto his skin and his employer - City Response, a firm based in the Greater Manchester town of Oldham - has subsequently admitted breaching the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

Therefore, the worker could decide to pursue a claim for personal injury damages for both his pain and suffering and loss of earnings.

Posted by Craig Williams

10/03/2011 16:36