Disabled woman sues charity over broken bones

A disabled woman is seeking personal injury compensation from a church-based charity after she sustained broken bones during a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

The Salford Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees - a registered charity with a voluntary income of more than £13 million - is facing a claim for damages from Bernadette Barton, a woman of 58 years of age with spinal problems, following an incident in which she fell out of her wheelchair while visiting the holy French location.

As a result of this incident, Miss Barton, who is also almost completely blind, sustained three fractures in her shoulder as she fell out of the chair she described at a case heard at Manchester Civil Court as "rickety".

Therefore, she is seeking compensation from the organisation which ran the trip for the "terrific pain" this incident caused her, as well as the fact that she feels she was treated with negligence by her carers from the charity.

Posted by Helen Jones

09/03/2011 16:53