Enforcement the best way to avoid accidents at work, expert suggests

Making new health and safety regulations a legal requirement may be the most effective way of ensuring organisations apply the codes to their internal policies, an expert has said.

Neal Stone, director of policy and research at the British Safety Council (BSC), has suggested that accidents at work could be reduced across the country if new regulations were enforced by the government.

"Enforcement is a major factor in encouraging employers to comply with health and safety law," he noted.

Mr Stone stated that there is evidence to suggest that the "most important influential factor" behind getting firms to go along with the rules is fear of the consequences of non-compliance.

These comments came after the BSC urged the coalition to establish a public discussion on how the health and safety regulatory field will cope with the upcoming reductions to the budget of the Health and Safety Executive.

"It is vital that the message coming out from the government is that health and safety remains the top priority," he added.

By Craig Williams

17/03/2011 16:48