Expert: Accident compensation cases could rise due to HSE budget cut

Personal injury compensation claims made following accidents at work may become more common in the coming years, it has been suggested.

According to Neal Stone, director of policy and research at the British Safety Council (BSC), there is a risk that the government's decision to reduce the budget of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) may have a significant impact on safety within workplaces across the country.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance is planning to cut its monetary grants to the HSE by 35 per cent over the course of the next four years and Mr Stone has stated that this will have a "profound effect" on the regulatory body's "ability and capability to enforce health and safety law".

He explained that on-site visits from inspectors will become "far less frequent", meaning that standards are likely to slip and the number of incidents could therefore rise.

This comes after the BSC noted that there is "widespread" concern about the future of health and safety regulation in the UK.

Posted by Craig Williams

11/03/2011 16:43