Fireman involved in cycling accident 'considering legal action'

A cycling accident caused by a pothole may result in a fireman seeking personal injury compensation from a local authority.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, Tony Clough, who is 49 years old, sustained severe facial injuries and a dislocated finger during an incident which saw him thrown over the handlebars of his vehicle on the A6068 bypass following a shift at Nelson Fire Station, which is run by the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

Mr Clough alleges that he struck a pothole which was around five inches deep and that doctors have told him the scarring on his face may never heal.

"For a week the pain was excruciating. It is still painful now. The finger I cut open is still very sensitive and hurts when I try and bend it and use it," he remarked.

As a result, he is considering legal action against the county council and added that a fatal accident could have occurred if a car had hit the hazard, which has now been filled in.

Posted by Craig Williams

03/03/2011 16:53